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For many parents, the thought of finding work that fits around family life can be overwhelming. But help is available. We can help you find someone to talk to who can support you to gain new skills, find work, access childcare and increase your earnings.

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Help finding work

if you’re looking for work, or have been affected by redundancy, there are lots of organisations that offer support, training or advice.

Our page on help looking for a job has lots of advice and information, including how to get help accessing training, help with the costs of interviews and travel, and additional support for women and disabled adults. We even have trusted job hunting tips that can help boost your confidence.

If you’re not sure where to turn, your local council's employability service is a great place to start. They can help support you support you into employment in a way that works for you. Use the dropdown list below to find out more about the support available in your area.

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In this film, Phillip and Seonaid explain how their local employment services helped them into work, and how these services can support you too.

You can find out what more parents are saying about the employment support they’ve had from their local authority at the bottom of this page.

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In this short video, Claire McCormack and Danielle McIntyre, Employability Advisors at East Ayreshire Council, explain how your local council can support you if you’re thinking about looking for work or changing job.

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In this video, Aidan Moore, Employability Advisor at Falkirk Council, explains how he can help parents who are thinking about getting back to work.

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Going back to work after having a baby

If you’ve been on maternity leave, you may well have mixed feelings about going back to work. Our page on returning to work after having a baby has lots of tips for you and your partner that will make the transition easier for you, as well as advice on your rights and who to talk to if you need a helping hand.

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Help with childcare

One of the things that may be worrying you about going for job interviews or returning to work is childcare. But did you know that if you have a 3 or 4 year old, they’ll be eligible for 1140 hours a year of Early Learning and Childcare? This is free to you, funded by the Scottish Government and local authorities. Some 2 year olds are also eligible for funded ELC – you can find out about more about this in our section on Early Learning and Childcare. If your child is at school, our school age childcare page looks at options for you.

Our page on help looking for a job has lots more information on childcare options available when you’re looking for a job and when you start work, including support with upfront costs of childcare when you start work from the Flexible Support Fund. 

Our page on getting to grips with childcare costs and benefits has more information on help to pay for childcare costs, including free funded hours, tax free childcare, and help through tax credits and Universal Credit for childcare.

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Help with anxiety and stress

Looking for work and applying for jobs can be stressful and can sometimes leave you feeling down. But you don’t have to go through this on your own. There are lots of people and organisations that can help if you’re struggling with anxiety or stress, starting with your GP. Our section on wellbeing for parents has more advice and information.

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What parents are saying about the employment support they’ve had from their local authority

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"Thank you so much for the support I have received to date. There is no way I would have been able to afford to pay to put myself through this course, and the fact that you paid for all the resources I needed to help me through my course was amazing. It was also great to know that my employability support worker was only a call away if I had any queries or needed help with anything. Thank you!”

“After having two kids and the younger one starting nursery, I was really desperate to get back to work. Because of my education being from a foreign country, I couldn't find any straight pathway that could lead me to my goal of getting a job in the education sector in general and primary schools in particular.

"The whole process of accessing support from my local council was pretty straightforward. I was asked about my interests and aims and was guided with clear pathways to pursue the goal. Along with the general guidance, I have also been given support to complete various courses which will help me in future.

"So far the whole experience has been amazing. I have never felt more confident in the fact that I would certainly be able to achieve what I have aimed for. It would certainly have not been possible without the constant support and encouragement of my key worker.”

“I didn’t know this type of support existed within my area. I happened to go for a vacant post and due to lack of confidence and experience as I had been out of work for some time due to an injury at work, I wasn’t successful.

"I received a call from one of the interviewers who explained to me about the support available and I wasn’t really too sure what this entailed. I am so glad I did go ahead with the meeting. They managed to get me a placement within my local area and through their support and training that was provided for me I was lucky enough to secure a full-time job at where I was placed.

"The training that I received was a professional bodies qualification which I have nearly completed. My support worker was amazing, I honestly don’t know if I could have done it without their input and support, even to this day. This experience has had such a big positive impact on my life and my family’s life.”

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